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The 2021 Mile High Showdown

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Hosted by
High Plains Practical Shooters USPSA Club
Ben Lomond Gun Club Range

Match Director Charlie Perez
Range Master Price McDonald

Please take the time to thank and do business with our very generous match sponsors. Each of these sponsors stepped up big time to assist in covering specific expenses so we can produce the best possible match. Without these sponsors this event wouldn’t be possible!!!

Atlas Gunworks
Sponsoring AGW Pistol Certificate

Rick Hebert Firearms (RHF)
Sponsoring Multiple $1000 Gun Certificates

Gallant Bullets
Sponsoring Trophies & Awards

Big Panda Performance
Sponsoring Match Administration

Welcome to the 2021 Mile High Showdown


Welcome to the 2021 Mile High Showdown which is hosted by the High Plains Practical Shooters club and Ben Lomond Gun Club range. We are excited to have the opportunity to host this match and hope that you have a great time attending the event. The items listed below are intended to be a quick reference for common questions, requirements and rules. This list is not intended to be a replacement or amendment to the USPSA Rules. This is a USPSA sanctioned match and we will be strictly adhering to USPSA rules. If you need more specific Rule definitions than what is listed below please reference the USPSA rule book for clarification. The match staff have put in a lot of work to make this match happen. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact the match staff and we will do our best to get you taken care of. Please be safe and enjoy the match!!! 

Rules All match rules can be found in the current edition of the USPSA Rule Book.

Cold Range Be Safe! Firearms are not to be handled anywhere on the range except in designated Safe Areas or under the supervision of a Range Officer. Please do not handle your firearms in the parking lot or in your car while on the range property. Bring them to a Safe Area before handling

Safe Areas Safe Areas are located in various places throughout the range for your convenience. Please use them. And remember – No ammunition may be handled in these Safe Areas.

Eye & Ear Protection – All competitors must wear eye and hearing protection while in a bay. Eye protection is required to be worn by everyone at the Range. Violators may be instructed to leave the Range.

Assist the RO’s – Range Officers are here to assist you in completing a safe shooting contest. Each stage will have a dedicated CRO or RO and the squad may be responsible for assisting the RO in running shooters through the stage, resetting the stage, and score keeping. Help us help you run smoothly and efficiently through the match.

Brass Recovery This match is not considered a Lost Brass Match. But if the squad is falling behind schedule the first activity that will be stopped is brassing. Please do not delay your squad by spending excessive time recovering spent brass.

A chronograph may or may not be used for this match. Make sure that your ammunition meets or exceeds the minimum required power factor you have declared.

Visual Barrier Scoring All walls, barrels and other props used as visual barriers are declared as hardcover unless stated otherwise in the stage briefing. All walls are considered to extend down to the ground and upwards to infinity.

Match Scoring – We will be using Practiscore to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the
match scoring. We will have hard copy score sheets to record your stage score results. It is the
Competitors responsibility to review and confirm your score on the scoring tablet before
approving your score. Scores will be uploaded to the Practiscore website frequently during the
match for competitors to review their scores online. 

Stay with your Squad – We ask that you stay with your squad and be on time at your scheduled stages. Do not jump stages or shoot stages in any order other than that indicated in the squadding schedule without the express consent of the RM.

Awards Trophies will be awarded to winners based on the USPSA Recognition requirements listed in the USPSA Rule Book (Appendix A2). The below tables break down our recognition policy.

Alcohol – Alcohol and recreational drugs may not be consumed anywhere on the range. Competitors or spectators violating this policy will be disqualified and required to leave the range.

Dress Code- Practical shooting is a family sport, please dress appropriately. The match director will be the final arbiter of questionable attire.

Match Schedule- The range will be open at 7:00 AM from Thursday – Sunday. The stages will be setup on Thursday. The match will be shot in a one day format on Friday and a two day format on Saturday Sunday. Please refer to the match schedule for a detailed listing of the match time line and squad/stage schedules.

Stage Inspection – You may inspect the stages when the range is open, but you may not activate, set, or reset any moving targets or activated props. Please respect the match schedule. If you would like to inspect a stage during the match, and a squad is currently not shooting the stage, please ask the RO for permission to access the stage.

Physical Stage Configuration This match will leverage six physical stages that will each be shot in two different stage configurations. Each stage configuration will provide a unique shooting challenge. The two stage versions will not be shot back to back. You will shoot the first version of all six stages, then the stages will be converted to their second version and you will then shoot all six stages of the second version. This means that you will travel to each bay twice throughout the match. Each stages unique Written Stage Briefing will be post on each bay. When inspecting the physical stage keep in mind that each version of the stage has special requirements defined by each stages written stage briefing.

Popper Calibration Popper calibration will be according to the current provisions of Appendix C1 of the Handgun Rule Book. Please remember that steel plates cannot be calibrated. If a steel plate fails to fall when hit during the course of fire the shooter will be stopped and issued a reshoot due to a range failure.

Arbitration – Arbitrations will be handled per the documented processes listed in Chapter 11 of
the current USPSA rule book. 

Drawings & Dimensions – Drawings and dimensions shown on the stage briefing are approximate and may change due to safety issues or range restrictions. There may be additional no-shoots, vision barriers, or other changes. Inspect each stage carefully and listen to the written stage briefing read by the RO’s. It is the competitor’s responsibility to fully understand the requirements and restrictions of each stage.

Bulletin Board – Arbitration committee decisions, lost items, schedule changes, and other official information will be posted on the Stats Shack.

Rest Rooms Multiple restrooms are located throughout the range. Running water is not available at the range.

Food Service Breakfast will be available for purchase at the range in the morning. Lunch is provided for the competitors on the days that they are shooting the match. Lunches may be purchased by non-competitors as needed. If you choose not to participate in the food service offerings at the range please bring an appropriate amount of food and fluids with you to keep properly hydrated and nourished during the match.

Parking – Competitors and spectators are requested to park only in designated parking areas. You may not drive into the bays or from bay to bay with your squad. Please lock your car to protect your valuables. The BLGC Range is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Match Shirts Each competitor will receive one match shirt included with their entry fee. The shirt size you select on the entry form is what will be ordered. Once the shirts are ordered you can’t change your shirt size. Additional shirts can be ordered at a cost of $25 per shirt. If you want to order additional shirts please contact the Match Director (Charlie Perez). Extra shirts will not be available for sale at the match. Only preordered & paid for shirts will be made.

Match Schedule 

Squad Schedule 


Download Match Book as a PDF

2021 Mile High Showdown Match Book